Leaving Covid behind

 Covid's Behind

At last restrictions have been eased enough to allow rowing in bubbles.  

Crews have been eager to return, many taking advantage of the Easter holidays.

Others were a little more patient targeting the weekend.

Our weekly rowing schedule has resumed with the follow activities planned :

Monday 5th HW 19.16, row 15.00-17.30 

Tuesday 6th HW 8.08, row 10.00-12.30 -

Wednesday 7th HW 9.38, row 10.00-12.30 -

Thursday 8th HW 10.49, row 10.00-12.30 -

Friday 9th HW 11.40, row 10.00-12.30 -

Saturday 10th HW 12.22, row 11.00-13.30

Saturday row 14.00-16.30

Sunday 11th HW 12.58,

Sunday row 8.00-10.30 -

Sunday row 11.00--13.30 -

Sunday leisure row 14.00-16.30 - 

Vanduara Fully Returns

To finish Vanduara's recent repaint, her name is now proudly adorned on the bow.

Looking absolutely beautiful, she is now ready for the water. 

Easter 2021 Rowing Fun

A fun and joyous return to rowing was extremely welcome.

As we emerge from lock down it seems the beard has migrated from the 'O Shaven' one to the rest of the crew!

Every picture tells a story.

Looking Forward