BCRC Christmas Dinner & Awards Night

BCRC Christmas Dinner
Awards Night
Colne Yacht Club 
14th December 2019

Wow what a busy weekend Part 2!
Next up was our Christmas Dinner and Club Award evening at the Colne Yacht Club.   A massive effort had been put in from our social team who have been working on this for many months.  Their hard work definitely paid off as we all had a fabulous evening.
The table lay out and presentation of the evening was very well managed, seating plans, table decorations and even a thoughtful gift for all in attendance added to the wonderful atmosphere created.
Our members dressed up for this occasion as it was to be a special night.
Our three course Christmas dinner was not only very tasty, it was served very promptly and hot.  Always a challenge when catering for larger numbers.
Once dinner had been served we moved onto a bit of light entertainment.  
Sally, Michael & Julie introduced the first of these :  ‘The Mastermind Challenge’ .  Two people from each table were invited to answer quick fire questions with their the score recorded for their table.  Michael read many complicated quick fire questions without becoming tongue tided, well done indeed !
Next was ‘The Crystal Maze’ once again two people from each table competed together to solve a time puzzle challenge.
Lastly ‘The Indoor Rowing’ event took place, for some reason this is always a popular round, with many giggles and chuckles raised.
Great fun with many cheering during the rounds.
Once the excitement had calmed down a little the club moved onto the more serious part of the evening, 
‘The Club Awards’

Clubs such as ours do not run themselves and we are really lucky to have so many people who contribute without question.  We continue to attract new members and grow every year, as we do so these new people bring new qualities and dimensions to our club.  Our awards aim to recognise people who have excelled in their contribution or improve as a rower.  
We also recognise that we take part in a highly competitive sport, operate in potentially dangerous conditions or just relax too much on an enjoyable gentle row.  All of these can lead to that one silly mistake that leaves you kicking yourself as an individual.  We never forget this is a team sport and any ‘silliness’ is often not down to an individual .  However someone has to take the award!

The Collinson Award

This was presented to someone who had made an outstanding and contribution to our club.  This award recognises the contributions made not only for 2019 but for many years before as well.  A high profile figure, managing our club finances, involved with our social programme and has even opened up her home to host a summer event.  She rows, entertains & organises to name just a few ……. a real driving force in our club.
Well done to Julie for winning the Collinson award, well deserved!

Best Improved Rower (The Cookee Crown)

Since the Essex Gig racing started in 2011 it has become more competitive with every year that passes.  As new clubs join our racing series it is important to maintain our position by improving our technique and to strengthen in the depth of crews.
This award recognises an individual who has trained hard and made improvements in their abilities.  Their improvement adds to the quality of our club and should be an encouragement to others.
This year we have renamed the award as the ‘Cookee Crown’ in honor of our dear lost friend Colin.
The club struggled between two much improved people and in the end decided it was too close to call between a lady and a man so two awards were made.
Well done to Shaun who received the Crown and Sarah who becomes our Queen.  Well done to you both a great achievement keep up the good work!

The Golden Rowlock

Lastly that award for doing something a little bit silly,
Oh boy where do we start!  There were a lot of people keeping their heads down this year as it has been a classic.
We are not going to mention any names or incidents as you know who you are!!!!!
Due to the difficult choices it was decided to award the Golden Rowlock to the complete crew of Vandura as generally they were the ones involved.  All just a piece of fun …….!!!

That just about finished the evening off with the exception of the 12 Rowing Days of Christmas.  All sung beautifully, even the verse mentioning weeping blisters near your Gluteus Maximus ouch!

A great end to a wonderful evening, thank you to all that put this together.

Last mention to Sally who has worked hard over many years to put this format in place.
Sally has now stood down from her social role, however her work and creativity has set this event up for many years to come. 
Thank you.

The Collinson Award

King & Queen

The Golden Rowlock

Its all in the wrist action!