Last Winter Series Race 2022/3

 Last Winter Series Race 2022/3

Our turn to hold the final race of the winter series where 16 gigs arrived to race in challenging conditions.  The original course and mass start from Batemans Tower was abandoned due to the windy conditions.  Using the safer and more sheltered creek route, the race was changed to a time trial.  Gig started two at a time from the east end of the hammerhead jetty .  The course covered 2k from start to finish back at the jetty.

The race start had the strong wind behind all gigs, this made it difficult when approaching the start line.  Many gigs stayed well back as the wind could easily have carried them over the line incurring a penalty.  In the end all managed to start correctly with a special mention to William Rose who timed their start to perfection.

While the starting leg of the race was wind and tide assisted the return after the buoy turn was another story.  Heading into strong winds and tide crews needed to dig deep to complete the course.

Although challenging all crews completed the course with many saying they enjoyed the hard row.

Some great results for our club, with the Ladies finishing 2nd & 8th.  Men 1st & 16th. Mixed 3rd & 5th.  Vanduara finishing 1st, 2nd & 3rd across the 3 races, a great performance. 

Results for the day are as below, the final overall winter series results will be presented at the awards night.