BCRC on Regatta Day 2021

 BCRC on Regatta Day 2021

Our club took a full part in the 2021 Brightlingsea Regatta.

Vanduara took a prime spot on the pavement outside the Colne Yacht Club. 

Making good use of our event tent alongside, we attracted many inquisitive people and had a busy day.

We also entered into the sprit of the day by FLYING THE PIRATE FLAG on Velocity and attempting to board a moored vessel called My Alice. 

Dressed as pirates our crew approached and managed to board her with PIRATE MARK! 

Unfortunately, he was captured and force to walk the plank!!!

PIRATE MARK was thrown a lifebuoy and managed to make it to land.

Our pirate crew in Velocity were then viciously attacked by marauding young paddle boarders armed with deadly water pistols. 

Do you know how cold that water is!!!

A good drenching was achieved by all as the squeals of delight rang out from the land-based onlookers.

We would have got away with it if it was not for those pesky Paddle Boarders!


After the madness of Saturdays regatta, our crews were up early again on Sunday to compete in the HYGA 7K ‘Home Series’.  A gruelling race which was most definitely a marathon and not a sprint.  Our teams put in a great effort with results being posted later today by HYGA.

Our post-race slow row back to the hammerhead jetty was accompanied by a spectacle of jumping fish…… Brightlingsea really is a special place!

Once our gigs were moored, we had a change of crews.  Velocity went for a late morning social row while Vanduara successfully introduced new people to rowing.

In the afternoon we held a local ‘tag’ race with our UCSC friends.  New crews took part with some members even racing for the first time! 

This was a great fun event resuming the friendly rivalry between clubs, all ended with a nice cold drink in their bar garden.

Lots of happy people enjoying a marvellous rowing weekend.