Happy Returns Of The Day!

 After Six long months without rowing, we returned to the water this weekend.  Crews were out both days and followed guidelines provided by British Rowing and the Harkers Yard Gig Association.  Face coverings and anti bacterial wipes were the order of the day as this provided us a way forward.

Although it had been some time since our last rowing session, it seemed like we had never been away.  Our first journey in the coastal gig took us up stream passing the Morgans moorings as we familiarised ourselves with our weapons of choice.

Once suitably warmed up, our cox turned Vanuara around and headed of the open sea.  A busy day on the water as we passed by the yacht club with many sailing dinghies, canoes, jet skis & sailing boats filling up the local cost line.  Once rounded Point Clear we headed for open water.  The sun beat down on us and warm breeze just about kept us comfortable as we gently rowed.  The waves started to increase in size as we ventured towards buoy 13 causing Vandura to pitch and fall.  A large spray of sea mist came over the bow to remind us of the power of the sea.  Oh how we have missed this!

Returned safety after an hour and a half of enjoyable rowing.

Roll on next week!