Mersea Island Winter Series Round 3

Harker's Yard Winter Series Round 3

Mersea Island 2019.

Mersea played host to this November round of the winter series.  A warm welcome was extended to all for this mass start race.  3 races with 17 gigs taking part, many spectators were in attendance proving gig racing continues to draw wide interest.  The conditions were ideal with calm water, warm temperatures and hardly any wind.
This can be a difficult venue as there are many moored boats and buoys to navigate on the early part of the course.  We had a few scary near misses however manage to navigate all thanks to the skill of our coxes.
Although the start had a long run up to the first turn, the main pack of gigs were still tight to each other at the turn marker. One slip up here can cost you many places in the finishing positions.
Once rounded the buoy all gigs disappeared behind the island,  onlookers back at the start/finish line had no idea who would emerge first when they reappeared.  Someone commented 'its like the dark side of the moon' .... how true this was.
As the lead gigs appeared cheers rang out from the spectators edging them on for the final 100 yards.
It had been a hard row, the pain was clear to see on their faces, the average time for the course was 18 minutes.
Once finished smiles returned and everyone had enjoyed the race.
Velocity ladies smile after their race:
 No Pain No Gain!
 Oars Up!
 In the Frame for a win?