Rowhedge Regatta Race June 2019

The Rowhedge Regatta Race took place on the 22nd June, the day after the summer solstice.  Wall to wall sunshine greeted us on what was expected to be a fun day.  Rowhedge had a strong team out as this is their event and they always want to win!  The start was at 1.40pm in the heat of the day and boy was it hot!   The countdown started, 10, 9, 8 then the hooter sounded and we were away.  Words of encouragement were shouted by our crew members as we all dug deep to put some momentum into Vanduara.
Not our best start as we were a little way behind the line and had several gigs in front of us.  Once the initial power burst was over we settled into a pattern and listened to the rhythmic knock of the oars against the pins.
Always pulling hard we slowly gained ground on the leading gigs and eventually past them by.  Oh and did I mention it was hot?  At times it seemed like someone had pointed a heater at our faces.
We made it past Alresford Creek some 5 lengths in front and kept the pace going.  Delighted to pass the Rose & Crown at Wivenhoe, oh how we would have loved to stop for a pint!  We knew the finish line was not far away and our efforts would then be rewarded with some refreshment.
We crossed the line in 1st place achieving 43 minutes and 13 seconds for the 5 mile row.

Delighted we raised our oars in celebration.
After we gathered our thoughts we then noticed just how well the Rowhedge Regatta was attended.  It was packed!!!  The stalls showing their art and crafts were doing a great trade, the shanty singers crooned away in the back ground.  The real ale, cakes and burgers at the 'Hut' made it the place to be.
As we finished our rest and started planning our row back a live band on stage started to warm up.  This was going to be a long day for some , the weather would see people out well into the night enjoying themselves.
Alas we had to leave as the tide was turning.
Great event!