Mix and Match Day June 2019

Our annual club Mix and Match day took place on the 30th June.  A great turn out by our members as the sun shone with temperatures reaching the high 20 degrees.
Both Velocity and Vanduara looked at their best in the bright sunshine.
We had enough for 4 crews and set out to have a race-off using our two gigs.  The competition was fierce with everyone involved putting in a big effort.
It was good fun in a friendly and light hearted atmosphere, this was of course a fun day for the club.
A small complication to the day was the arrival of a massive ship, Brightlingsea is only a small place its a miracle how this ship not only managed the shallow waters but also turned ready to leave.

Once the racing was completed we all met for a summer afternoon garden party hosted by a lovely couple from our club.  Good conversation, a light 'guess the flavour' quiz and a wonderful summer lunch with desert was provided.  This was a great effort which was very well received and very much appreciated.  It is so refreshing to find people that work hard for the enjoyment of others.
The prize giving of BCRC Mix and Match pirate mugs were presented to the winners of the racing
and finally our Chairmen led the thank you comments for all involved in organizing such a great day.

 the prize giving took place.